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Police Hiring December 2020

Dec 28, 2020 | News

Mayor Thomas Lankey administered oaths to ten new police officers today as his Administration continues its commitment to strengthening public safety in the state’s fifth largest community. “Municipal government’s first priority is to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors,” Mayor Lankey said. “Hiring qualified police officers, and providing the most effective number of boot-on-the-street is the best way for Edison to meet that goal.”

These 10 candidates have been selected as part of the police department’s NON-PTC (Police Training Commission) hiring process that started over a year ago. The candidates passed a 3 hour exam administered by the NJ State Association of Chiefs of Police last November. Then, during the height of the pandemic, the candidates competed in an obstacle course PT test. The course started with a 100 yard sprint, 6 foot wall climb, 200 yard dash carrying a weighted sandbag, 20 burpees, and a run around Lake Papianni. Passing the exam and PT test at the top of the list allowed the candidates to complete an application, sit for an oral interview and undergo an intensive background investigation. Those who moved forward were sent for medical, stress and drug testing as well as psychological screening.

PTC: Michael Duhigg, Matthew Spielman, Joshua VanWart
NON-PTC: John Sousa, Devan Mulligan, Julia Bossert, Matthew Bates, Joshua Assoulin, Joseph Elqumos, Alyssa Husko

This group of ten new hires includes four females. Added to the four females hired in October, the department now has 16 female officers. This is the highest in the department’s history and an important benchmark for our Township.

Three of the candidates have sent themselves for PTC training on their own since first applying in 2019. The other seven candidates are scheduled to begin the Cape May County Police Academy in January 2021.

Command Staff: Chief Tom Bryan, Deputy Chief Howard Askelson Captains: Joseph Shannon, Greg Formica, Ken Schreck, Sal Filannino